Supplying the Finest Percebes in the World from the Baja Coast

Percebes: Gooseneck Barnacles
Gooseneck Barnacles, better known as percebes (Spanish) and predominantly found in the wild coastal waters of Spain and Portugal, are a gourmet delicacy that have been pursued and relished for their distinctive crustacean flavor for over 10,000 years mildly briny flavor with a subtle sweet note and smooth soft texture make them simply delectable.

For the Love of Percebes
The Spanish and Portuguese have consumed and enjoyed percebes for centuries, so much so that their respective governments have implemented harvesting regulations and limitations. These rules were appropriately established to protect the coastal ecosystem and safeguard percebes workers. While these regulations reduced the percebes supply and drove up cost, they did not reduce the demand.  Indeed, love for the delicious percebes has never waned. Instead, the Spaniards and Portuguese have looked to other parts of the world to fill their percebes appetite. 

Our Commitment to Sustainability
There is no doubt that as we enjoy tasty jewels  gems of the sea, like percebes, we must protect our delicate ecosystems and ensure the safety of our harvesters. Pacific King is very conscious of purposeful regulatory safeguards. Although percebes are not currently a threatened species, we at Pacific King prudently harvest percebes sustainably and ethically off the coast of Baja California, Mexico. Not only do we consider the environment and ecosystems we maintain an unwavering interest and responsibility to all of our interconnected stakeholders: including staff, suppliers, and the people we serve. To that end we work closely with local scientists and government officials and other eco-friendly partners to ensure that the most appropriate systems, techniques and processes for harvesting and packing percebes are used.

Experience the Mexican Pacific Coast Percebes
It is no wonder that there continues to be an endless craving for percebes; they are a  scrumptious gastronomic experience. Many Baja California chefs who have direct access to the Mexican Pacific and are renowned for cooking up some of the best seafood entrees in the world are always looking for new possibilities in seafood creations. In recent years Baja chefs have been cooking up a medley of delectable percebes dishes, offering them up in classic “steamed clam style” or in a savory fish stew. Percebes provide a variety of imaginative and tasty cooking possibilities from a one-minute appetizer to an elaborate main course. Fortunately, percebes are plentiful in the cold waters of the Baja Pacific and to the delight of innovative Mexican chefs these tasty crustaceans are being well received by a large segment of their customers.  Like the Portuguese and Spaniards and countless other Europeans, customers are getting hooked on percebes.