The Percebes Partnership and Establishment of Pacific King

In early 2016 Hazel and Paul joined their friend Alejandro for dinner for what he promised would be an extraordinary eating experience. Alejandro wanted to share his newfound delight and passion for percebes. Hum…percebes?

Admittedly, Hazel and Paul were uncertain about these mysterious and odd-looking creatures. They do not consider themselves foodies, but they are also not timid when it comes to trying new food; they love all kinds of seafood. Boldly they dug in. Yum, it was love at first bite. So intrigued they were with these curious crustaceans that before the night was over they were making plans to explore a business venture. Thus, began their percebes business journey.

Hazel, Paul, and Alejandro discovered that these unusual little crustaceans actually inhabit the Mexican Pacific in Baja California and, like mussels, anchor themselves on rocks where the sea is in constant (and often rough) motion. Harvesting them can sometimes be precarious and the best time to detach percebes from the rocks is during low tide. But, there was still much to learn.

Many months of developing a viable and conscientious business model included: compiling scientific research and information on percebes direct from marine biologists, understanding the percebes environment by taking firsthand trips out to sea, investigating licenses, permits, and authorization, seeking out a viable and skilled workforce, and even enjoining talented Chefs to experiment with the percebes cookery. Along the way it also proved to be quite an exciting endeavor.

By December of 2016 Hazel, Paul and Alejandro established their percebes partnership: Pacific King Corporation and the marketing and importing of the finest and freshest percebes that can be found along the Mexican coast has begun.  Soon, percebes will be available in the United States for all to experience and enjoy. Like themselves, they want you to become a percebes connoisseur.