Harvesting food from the sea is a serious business that requires tremendous responsibility, especially when it comes to our earth— our natural resources, our precious environment, our delicate ecosystems and our workforce. While we all want to enjoy tasty gifts from our seas, Pacific King is very conscious of the many purposeful harvesting, environmental, and work related regulatory safeguards that serve the entire world community.  

We at Pacific King harvest wisely, keeping the environment and the delicate eco-systems top of mind; we are fully committed to being environmental guardians. We work closely with local scientists, government officials and our employees and we maintain affiliations with like-minded eco-aware partners to ensure that the most appropriate and effective management systems, waste reduction, and energy efficiency techniques, materials, and packing processes are employed.  Not only do we want to ensure longevity of the percebes species, we want to be sure that our carbon footprint (environmental impact) is kept to a minimum—from the sea to you.

 Packing is a significant aspect of our business.  At Pacific King we know that ultimate enjoyment of seafood depends on safeness and freshness.  We also know that most people who prepare and love seafood want to be sure that the seafood they are consuming is processed and packed in an environmentally conscious way as well.  While we will gladly use your preferred shipping carrier and packing requisites we want to assure you that at Pacific King our product is packed promptly, safely, and efficiently, using the highest quality standard and eco-packaging presently available—the Coldpack Airliner.

The Coldpack cool box is a film outer liner molded into a pouch that corresponds to the specific dimensions of the outer shipping box. Inflated and supported by its shell and combined with a coolant, the liner guarantees high-performance insulation and safety of products by maintaining maximum cold temperature en route.  And, unlike the conventional polystyrene packaging that takes hundreds of years to degrade, all of our packaging is biodegradable and/or completely recyclable. You can trust that our product will arrive safe, fresh, and eco-friendly—from the sea to you.